How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Puree (the Easy Way)

How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Puree (The Easy Way) | FaithFoodFamilyFun

There was a time when the only way I knew to make pumpkin pie was to open a can.  I was young and didn’t realize that making pumpkin puree from scratch was even possible (I was a kid, what can I say?).  This all changed one Thanksgiving when my grandmother walked in with two beautiful pumpkin pies – except they were different.  The color was way more intense and with the first bite, I realized the flavor was also.   (Not to mention, the texture was velvety smooth and didn’t have that cottage cheese mouthfeel.)  I realize there are already a million and one tutorials for pumpkin puree all over the internets but this one is special.  This is the one my grandma taught me.

The following recipe for pumpkin puree is in loving memory of my grandmother Inez.  

How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Puree (The Easy Way) | FaithFoodFamilyFun

I make roasted butternut, acorn, and delicata squash on the regular and pumpkin puree is really no different.  The only real difference is that the pumpkin puree is well, pureed.  This can be done with a food mill, immersion blender, food processor, potato ricer – just whatever you have that will pulverize it.

As a matter of fact, to roast any kind of squash, simply cut it in half, pop it into a hot oven and bake until it’s tender.  That’s basically it.

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How To Properly Melt Butter in the Microwave (Without It Looking Like a Bomb Went Off) – Tip Tuesday

How to Melt Butter without Splattering - Tip Tuesday | FaithFoodFamilyFun

In today’s Tip Tuesday, I’m going to show you how to perfectly melt butter in the microwave without it splattering everywhere and causing a gigantic mess!
How to Melt Butter without Splattering - Tip Tuesday | FaithFoodFamilyFun

Butter.  Glorious butter.

It’s safe to say I have a slight obsession.  I use it in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  I usually have at least two pounds in the fridge at any given time (both salted and unsalted).  When that runs low, I pull another box from the freezer (butter freezes amazingly well, btw).  My friend Jessie from Carolina Farmhouse Kitchen says she panics when she gets below 3 pounds (which is totally understandable!).  I used a bit today in a slider bun recipe that called for vegetable oil.  Since I didn’t have any, of course I went with what I do have – and that’s (you guessed it) BUTTER.

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Southwestern Cheddar Beer Soup

Southwestern Cheddar Beer Soup using @HickoryFarms Farmhouse Cheddar |

This incredible Southwestern Cheddar Beer Soup is made with creamy Hickory Farms Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese and is perfect for the cool weather ahead.  It would be amazing served with a side salad or even a buttery baked potato.  Shoot, you could even drizzle a little of the cheesy goodness on top of the potato if you’re feeling adventurous.   Either way, it’s sure to warm your soul from the inside out.

This is a sponsored post thanks to the generosity of Hickory Farms.  However, all opinions are my own.

Southwestern Cheddar Beer Soup |

It’s kinda funny how I can’t stand the taste of beer, yet at the same time, I absolutely adore Beer Can Chicken, Smoked Beer Brats, and even Beer Battered Fish.  As of yesterday, I added Southwest Cheddar Beer Soup to my list.   There’s just something about cooking with malt beverages that create a party for the senses.   Read more

How to Cut Dried Fruit with Ease – Tip Tuesday

How to Cut Dried Fruit with Ease - Tip Tuesday

Here’s a simple trick to help you cut candied and dried fruit with ease.

Dried Fruit
How to Cut Dried Fruit with Ease - Tip Tuesday |

Last night I made totally Americanized fried rice (it had green beans in it if that says anything) and since I didn’t have fresh ginger, I opted for the candied stuff instead.  The dish actually turned out really well and had little bursts of spicy-sweet flavor in each bite. 
The one thing that’s always a headache is actually having to dice it up.  Candied ginger may not be sticky on the outside, but once you cut into it, it just sticks to your knife like glue. 

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Popsicle Brownies Covered in White Chocolate (and of course, Sprinkles!)

Brownie Pops using Nestle Toll House Baking Mix #mixinmoments #collectivebias |

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #mixinmoments #CollectiveBias  These 3-step popsicle brownies will have even the biggest kids in your family saying “wow”! 

Popsicle Brownies using Nestle Toll House Baking Mix |

I love the idea of monthly subscription services – especially the baking kits.  I was subscribed to them for a while but they quickly got expensive.  At $20 a month, there was no way I could continue on for just one pan of brownies or 8 cake pops.

Not too long ago I saw my favorite subscription box come out with a similar idea to these popsicle brownies.  I was now on a mission.  I wanted to see if I could replicate them but for less.

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Baked Gnudi with Ragu Pasta Sauce (and $15 Target Gift Card Giveaway!)

Baked Gnudi with Ragu Pasta Sauce #ad |

As you may know, I love better-for-you products.  This is why I’m excited to share with you the new Homestyle Ragu Pasta Sauce!  It is made without artificial flavors, artificial colors and doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup!
Baked Gnudi with Ragu Pasta Sauce |
Have you ever been super hungry but nothing really sounds appealing?  This used to happen to me all-the-time but I finally found a way around it.  At least once a week I attempt to make something that I’ve never made before.  I’ll grab a cookbook off my big wooden shelf and skim through it until I see a photo that looks appetizing (true story).  I’ve found this is the best way to create family traditions and to also learn something new. 

This week I had my starting ingredient – Ragu Pasta Sauce – and so when I came across a recipe for ricotta gnudi, I knew exactly what I was going to make.

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This is it. It’s over. I’m DONE!

Kiss My Face Quick Dry Spray Deodorant | FaithFoodFamilyFun

This is a sponsored post thanks to the kindness of Kiss My Face. (They somehow read my mind and knew that I was fed up with poisoning my body with “traditional” deodorants so they sent me their new Quick Dry Spray Deodorant to try out.) 

I’m here to tell ya that it worked so well that I’ll be giving some away to a few of my readers!   

I’m over it….had enough.  I can’t continue on like this.  I’ve been using super-powered deodorant that could stop an ocean of sweat but as most of us know, this is extremely bad for you. 

Our bodies were made to sweat – it’s how we keep ourselves cool.  It’s also how we release toxins (not to mention, the aluminum in deo has been linked to cancer).  No thank you.  I’ve tried healthier alternatives in the past – I’ve even made my own – but somehow I kept going back to my old brand.  But this is it.  I’m making the switch.  No more aluminum for this girl.  Read more

Let Groupon Help You Save on Fun Things to Do!

Groupon: Things to Do |

This is a sponsored post thanks to the generosity of Groupon. (Simply put, I’ll have a little extra money to spend on the Things to Do listed in this post!)

Oh, and of course, all opinions are my own.

Groupon: Things to Do |

The Carolinas are known for entertainment and things to do.  We have professional football, vineyards, the whitewater center, amusement parks, Biltmore House, NASCAR, Outer Banks, zoos – the list is insanely long.  

In the summer, it seems that every town in the state has at least one pick your own farm.  They are such a great way to learn where our food comes from and even allow you to get in on the action.  We passed by Bush-N-Vine on our drive to get milk one day so of course I insisted we stop in on the way back.  The very first thing I do before heading anywhere is to check out Groupon.  Right there under the “Things to Do” tab was an amazing deal for the farm – YAS!

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Baked Goat Cheese Dip with Marinara Sauce + 11 Days in Italy GIVEAWAY!

Baked Goat Cheese Dip with Marinara Sauce |

  Baked Goat Cheese Dip with Marinara Sauce | FaithFoodFamilyFun.comThis week has been a roller coaster of emotions.  My granny passed away on Saturday after developing cancer a few months back.  My heart is at ease because I know that she is no longer suffering and in pain, but at the same time, I’m so sad that she’s no longer with us.  I do have reassurance that we will be together again one day and that has helped tremendously.  One (of so many) things that she was known for was her marinara sauce.  I have never been able to replicate it but I have found something that’s a close second.   It’s from Mezzetta and it’s their Italian Plum Tomato Marinara Sauce.  After adding a few secret ingredients and a smooth, creamy helping of goat cheese, I think you will truly enjoy this (simple) recipe for Baked Goat Cheese Dip!

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Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pizza


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CuriousCreamery #CollectiveBias

Do you have a birthday or special event coming up?  Make it even sweeter with The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Cake Mix (Psst – here’s a secret.  No machine is needed to make the ice cream!)The Curious Creamery Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pizza

It’s uncanny how many birthdays my family celebrates in the month of August.  Shoot, we just added one to the list with baby Gunner born about a week ago!  I just happen to be the designated “baker” in our family, so I get to come up with some pretty fun creations.  I’m sure you have seen the huge cookie “cakes” but why not take it a step further by adding some sweet cream ice cream, cookie dough, marshmallow drizzle, and of course, SPRINKLES!?  

This Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pizza is a breeze to make and there’s one secret ingredient that will blow your mind. Read more